Le Luth Doré Concert and Student lutes Made in France

Le Luth Doré is thrilled to announce its plans for resumption of production and sale of fine historically accurate and affordable Concert and Student lutes, theorbos and other plucked instruments. In response to your many kind and supportive inquiries about our lutes and encouragement, as we previously advised, our lawyers are proceeding with intellectual property and illegal trade claims against our former Chinese manufacturer and a European retailer that improperly exploited our hard work and designs.

During the ongoing pandemic, however, LLD has been hard at work on both important aspects of our business:

  • Concert and Student lutes production in France

LLD is now pleased to announce exciting plans, on which we have been working with our exceptional European luthiers and technology partners for many months. Upon completion of our ongoing study and final selection and acquisition of the best cutting-edge equipment and an appropriate manufacturing facility, we plan to begin to manufacture 100% “Made in France” historical Concert and Student lutes and theorbos, employing the most advanced CNC and robotic manufacturing and assembling techniques. We are extremely grateful to our partners, engineers, luthiers and generous industrial collaborators and suppliers for their assistance in bringing this project to this stage.

  • Urtext Music Publications

Thanks to the brilliant and dedicated work of our team of celebrated international scholars and colleagues—including Hopkinson Smith, Nigel North, Xavier Diaz-Latorre, Peter Croton, John Griffiths, Victor Coelho, Franco Pavan, Claire Antonini, Karin Paulsmeier, Jean-Daniel Forget, Anna Wiktoria Swoboda, Guy Grangereau, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Wanda Kozyra, Mauricio Buraglia, Mari Fe Pavon and other dedicated performers—our list of critically-acclaimed, high quality editions and instructional publications continues to grow, with new editions of Weiss, Bach, Dowland and French harpsichord repertoire and new technical manuals on Renaissance and Baroque lute, Vihuela, Theorbo, Baroque guitar and Baroque mandolin. 


We anticipate that with funding and other support we will be in production in no later than 12 months from now and will again be offering to the world the finest affordable Concert and Student instruments with the distinctive LLD standard of quality and refinement. Our first production will be a “Concert 8c Renaissance Lute” model. The Student models will become available at a later date.

With newly secured access to the very best European woods and materials and utilizing for the first time the most sophisticated and precise manufacturing and assembly techniques available, and taking full advantage of the world-renowned legacy of the finest French craftsmanship, we anticipate and are strongly committed to guaranteeing that our products will exhibit an even higher standard of quality than ever before—a standard of high quality that has been the very touchstone of our business from its inception.

We invite those who may wish to purchase a “Concert LLD 8c Renaissance Lute” when available to place their names—no purchase obligation on your part—on our waiting list to ensure that their future order will be given priority when lutes become available for sale and delivery.

To reserve an instrument, kindly just email us at contact@leluthdore.com and include:

- Name

- Address

- E-mail address

- Telephone number

- Number of lutes requested

- Date of your request

This information will also be important to LLD in scheduling production. Although your request at this time will not constitute an order, when lutes become available LLD will contact you and request you to complete a formal order, including the relevant terms of sale, which we will then address on a first come first served basis by date of your initial request.

We are deeply grateful for your continuing interest in and loyal support of our business and your many inquiries.

Miguel Serdoura, Founder and CEO of Le Luth Doré SAS


Author: Miguel Serdoura

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