Notice of Limited Inventory | Le Luth Doré ®

The facts are still under investigation. However, the circumstances known to us today strongly suggest that a certain number of counterfeit Le Luth Doré ® [LLD] lutes and cases were introduced into the international markets.

These lutes and cases appear to have been sourced improperly using LLD protected intellectual property in violation of the exclusivity and confidentiality provisions of LLD’s manufacturing agreements.

LLD is continuing its investigation, and enforcing its rights to suppress this activity, to protect the high quality image of its authentic products, and to protect its customers from continued exposure to and exploitation through substandard quality products.

Notwithstanding the serious damage to the company and added legal expense this commercial piracy has caused,  LLD will resume serving its loyal followers and customers as soon as the situation has been resolved and proper supply arrangements have been reestablished.

Le Luth Doré SAS

Paris - France 


Author: Miguel Serdoura
Tags: clients, musicians, lutenists

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