LLD ® FG-B case

Hygrometer, humidifier and two back shoulder straps included • For 13c Baroque lutes

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• Glossy fiberglass frame
• Resistant and water-repellent exterior
• Lightweight
• Crushed beige velvet interior
• Thick PVC strip case seal
• Padded refined leather handle
• Accessory compartment
• LLD ® Humidifier included
• LLD ® Hygrometer included
• Two back and shoulder straps included

Le Luth Doré ® FG-B Case

The LLD ® FG-B cases, designed for LLD ® 13c Baroque lutes, have an inventive padding system that allow musicians and luthiers to use them with other models of Baroque lutes: the interior padding can go from 1 cm up to 2 cm (and more) via an intelligent yet simple scratch removable system.

The LLD ® FG-B cases also features an impact-resistant, water-repellent exterior for total protection, and a glossy molded fiberglass frame that is extremely stylish.

With a tough yet very light fiberglass shell and thick interior padding, this case is much more impact-resistant than most standard lute cases. It features a crushed beige velvet interior, a thick PVC strip case seal, a padded refined leather handle, an accessory pocket and a shoulder strap.

LLD ® FG cases are equipped with a LLD ® Humidifier designed to keep good humidity levels of protection and  a LLD ® Hygrometer in order to monitor relative humidity mounted.

This LLD ® FG-B case is ideal for when you want to combine style and protection for your lute.

• Shape: Follows’s the instrument’s shape
• Color: Dark brown
• Internal dimensions: Lenght 89 to 90 | Width 31 to 33 (bowl) 23 (pegbox) | Height 17 to 18 (bowl) 27 (pegbox)

• Outside dimensions: Lenght 92 x Width 36 x Height 32
• Weight: 2,900 g

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