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    Japan Lute Society News Letter No.38

    Japan Lute Society News Letter No.38 | February 2022


    Los Seys Libros Del Delphin, Valladolid 1538

    Review by Tomoko Koide

    A critical edition by John Griffiths, who established a Vihuela Database, a website that provides all the information about the Vihuela repertoire.

    The Los Seys Libros Del Delphin is available on the internet, so if you just want to play it, you may not need to obtain its printed copy. However, the critical edition by a trusted researcher

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    Le Luth Doré Concert and Student lutes Made in France

    "Le Luth Doré is thrilled to announce its plans for resumption of production and sale of fine historically accurate and affordable Concert and Student lutes, theorbos and other plucked instruments, 100% Made in France."

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    Book review by the Lute Society America of the book 'A Method for the Renaissance Lute, with a Supplement for the Archlute' by Peter Croton

    "This is a large book, 281 pages [plus 9 pages with roman numerals at the beginning] in a generous 9x12-inch format, divided into thirteen chapters, several addenda and a coda. The actual method starts on chapter five and the last three chapters are devoted to specific repertoires: English lute music, the ten-course lute, and the Italian archlute."

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    Pioneering French Lute Maker, Le Luth Doré ®, Plays Hardball To Combat Counterfeiters | Le Luth Doré ®

    Le Luth Doré ® [LLD], which successfully helped lead the worldwide lute revival when launched in 2015 by renowned CEO-Founder Miguel Serdoura, is now threatened by unscrupulous music businesses engaged in alleged counterfeiting and deceptive sales and marketing. And the Paris-based company is fighting back.

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    Notice of Limited Inventory | Le Luth Doré ®

    The facts are still under investigation. However, the circumstances known to us today strongly suggest that a certain number of counterfeit Le Luth Doré ® [LLD] lutes and cases were introduced into the international markets. These lutes and cases appear to have been sourced improperly using LLD protected intellectual property in violation of the exclusivity and confidentiality provisions of LLD’s manufacturing agreements.

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    A Method for the Renaissance Lute, with a Supplement for the Archlute

    Le Luth Doré ® is pleased to announce the publication of 'A Method For The Renaissance Lute, With a Supplement for the Archlute' by Peter Croton [concert performer, recording artist, lute teacher at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis, President of the German Lute Society, author].

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