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    Eitan Hoffer, Israeli professional lutenist and violin player, reviews the LLD® 8c Renaissance and 13c Baroque lutes

    "As I play only the renaissance lute myself [for now] I could only hear the baroque lute in Miguel's hands: it sounds beautiful, warm and full sound across the whole range from the top to the bases. I have played the 8 course renaissance lute and was very impressed with it: well set up [we talked about offering different nut spacings for bigger or smaller hands], easy to play, the sound is full bodied and warm, and well balanced through all the courses."

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    Luth à la française: Le Luth Doré®, a contemporary perfection, accessible to all!

    "This is not just an ordinary online store but a complete platform given over to the king of instruments which in the 17th century was truly the instrument of kings and princes, men of letters, and the most exacting lovers of beauty and perfection. This site, Le Luth Doré®, is a very special favorite of Classiquenews and has received their CLIC for December 2016."

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    Michael Grant, American amateur lutenist, reviews the LLD® 8c Renaissance lute

    "I wanted to give you some feedback about the Le Luth Doré® lutes and cases: The finishes are very nice, and the lutes look better than some luthier-built lutes I have seen. So, my friend, you have produced some damn good lutes! They are lovely! Be proud of your achievement!!!"

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    Matthew Weinman, American professional lutenist, reviews the LLD® 13c Baroque lute

    "Far from a mere ‘student’ lute, these are concert quality instruments."

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    Peter Croton, American professional lutenist, reviews the LLD® 8c Renaissance lute

    "I can highly recommend these instruments"

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    Michel Cardin, Canadian professional lutenist, reviews the LLD® 8c Renaissance lute

    "The sound of the lute offered by Le Luth Doré® is warm and very fascinating. The wood chosen and the construction is of a very high standard. A musician will obtain much from this instrument and be secure in its lasting professionalism."

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