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    Pioneering French Lute Maker, Le Luth Doré ®, Plays Hardball To Combat Counterfeiters | Le Luth Doré ®

    Le Luth Doré ® [LLD], which successfully helped lead the worldwide lute revival when launched in 2015 by renowned CEO-Founder Miguel Serdoura, is now threatened by unscrupulous music businesses engaged in alleged counterfeiting and deceptive sales and marketing. And the Paris-based company is fighting back.

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    Notice of Limited Inventory | Le Luth Doré ®

    The facts are still under investigation. However, the circumstances known to us today strongly suggest that a certain number of counterfeit Le Luth Doré ® [LLD] lutes and cases were introduced into the international markets. These lutes and cases appear to have been sourced improperly using LLD protected intellectual property in violation of the exclusivity and confidentiality provisions of LLD’s manufacturing agreements.

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    Luth à la française: Le Luth Doré®, a contemporary perfection, accessible to all!

    "This is not just an ordinary online store but a complete platform given over to the king of instruments which in the 17th century was truly the instrument of kings and princes, men of letters, and the most exacting lovers of beauty and perfection. This site, Le Luth Doré®, is a very special favorite of Classiquenews and has received their CLIC for December 2016."

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    The Lute Society, Lutezine

    Miguel Serdoura talked about his universal and ambitious hopes for Le Luth Doré, a joint French, American and Chinese venture whose aim is nothing less than a major revival in lute playing, based around the manufacture of a good-quality but affordable lute.

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